"The tamer of light"

Originally from Los Angeles, Marc Sebastian grew up with a strong idea of freedom. This spirit of liberty runs through his veins since then and his beautiful images bear this DNA and quest for a genuine independence of mind. What struck me first when I looked up his work for the very first time was the skill and ease he has shown to secure his prey, like a wild bird digging its claws into its victim.


Marc is born for beauty, he is a kind of hunter, furtive and secret, aiming to tame the untamed frontier enriching his images with a magical spell of light. 

"This is what I call talent, a "tamer of light." 
–René-Julien Praz

 Curator, Owner, Praz-DelaVallade Gallery, Paris, France 

About me

"You make everything look sexy"

                        -Arthur DeMarchelier

Still Life Product, Fashion and Beauty Photographer

Currently working in New York & Paris. 

Loves travel, languages, meeting strangers in strange places and expanding & exploring through life's experiences. 

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